Until 2011 we were occasional consumers of health supplements. Like most people.

We turned into producers and sellers of supplements early 2011.

We are not in this business just to make money. We take our customers and their reasons to take supplements serious. We are doing our best to provide them with excellent products. And our customers are becoming aware of that. They experience the difference. In their wallet and health-wise. What we offer are absolute, verifiable top quality products. No derivatives. No second grade stuff. No mushroom extracts that are not extracts at all but simply dried and powdered mushrooms. (Our extracts have a level of purity and concentration that really does make them comparable to those used in research.) We are not selling herbs that have been culivated in a greenhouse. No.. well, you get the point.

Value for money.

To find out how to distinguish good and no-good mushroom extracts and how come there are differences, click here.


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  1. What a very detailed, well written, critical viewpoint of the Reishi market. I have searched for this form of information for 8 years. I don’t know why it took me so long. I am making a purchase today. I hope to get in touch with an author of all this great information. Thank you!

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